Education For a Positive Birth

The course will prepare you for a calm and comfortable birth no matter how your journey unfolds by –

  • • Equipping you with knowledge about all types of birth to make confident decisions as a couple
  • • Explaining your birth choices so you can ask questions to collect information and make informed decisions throughout the rest of your pregnancy, your baby’s birth and beyond
  • • Educating you in the philosophy of birth – to understand how powerful our mind and our subconscious thoughts can be in our experience and how important it is to connect your mind and body so that they can work together in harmony
  • • Teaching you about the physiology of birth – how our body is designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably. If you understand how your body works to birth your baby, you will better be able to work with it, let go and trust your birthing body
  • • Show you deep relaxation, visualisation, massage and specifically designed breathing techniques to aid your baby’s birth
  • • Celebrate the role of the birth partner and show them all the ways they can play an active part in your baby’s birth
  • • Guide you through the planning and writing of your birth preferences so that all bases are covered however your journey unfolds
  • • Build your confidence as a couple by giving you exercises that will specifically help release any fears that may hold you back during your baby’s birth
  • • And fill in all the practical gaps from – what pain relief options you have available to you, to what might be handy to pack in your hospital bag. Information about all the different birth environments you can choose, to what caregivers you may come into contact with. What an induction is and what different kinds of induction there are, to preparations you can make for making the babies first few weeks as restful as possible.

The course really helped us prepare for all possibilities and gave both myself and my birth partner the tools and techniques to experience a calm and positive birth.

Rose, Berkshire