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Positive, memorable and relaxed birth

“Sally enabled us to have the most positive, memorable and relaxed birth possible. She equipped us with all the skills and gave us the confidence to take on something new.

As a first-time mum, I was anxious about what was going to happen to my body, so I wanted to be as prepared as possible. Sally was patient, knowledgeable and so friendly. Even though our birth preferences changed slightly we still used all of Sally’s techniques and advice throughout the labour. Sally was even at the end of the phone when my waters released, and she guided me through the early surges!

Even now with my three-month-old I still use some of the breathing techniques to calm me down! I would highly recommend Hypnobirthing with Sally to anyone who is expecting.”

Alice, Oxfordshire

The enjoyable, lifechanging, experience it should be

“As a first time Dad, all the usual feelings of anxiety and wondering how I would deal with what was ahead were present in the early stages of my Wife’s pregnancy. When my Wife suggested we try Hypnobirthing, I thought it sounded like something that was invented in the 60’s by a Californian Yogi and definitely not for me. However, my misplaced misconceptions were completely blown away when we met Sally. Sally instantly put me at ease and began to explain the premise of Hypnobirthing and I have to say that it not only helped me and my Wife through birth but made it the enjoyable, life changing experience it should be. Rather than fear childbirth, I began to become excited by it.

Sally was able to put normally scary and anxiety inducing content into a format that was easily digestible and just made sense! I can’t thank Sally enough for the confidence she gave us to embrace our first birth with confidence and excitement. I would highly recommend her Hypnobirthing programme to any expectant parents.”

Tom, Oxfordshire

The course really helped us prepare for all possibilities

“Following an emergency c-section for the birth of our first child I wanted to have more control second time round and prepare for any eventuality. I spoke to a few hypnobirthing teachers but with Sally I immediately felt that her style of teaching and course content would suit us. We were hoping for a home birth but as it would be a VBAC we were coming up against some negativity and so wanted someone who would support our decision but also prepare us if things didn’t go to plan.

Due to COVID we had to do the course remotely, but Sally was very experienced at delivering the course virtually and I felt that we were still able to build up a good rapport with her and the other parents in the class. The course really helped us prepare for all possibilities and gave both myself and my birth partner the tools and techniques to experience a calm and positive birth.

I was at home for the first stage of my labour but when I got to 10cm I was transferred to hospital as there were concerns about the baby’s heartrate. Even though that meant that I gave birth in a delivery suite I felt fully prepared and at ease with the transfer and change of plan thanks to the hypnobirthing tools and techniques that Sally taught us.

I am very grateful to Sally for all she did to help prepare us for our son’s birth and would highly recommend her course to any soon-to-be parents.”

Rose, Berkshire

I was actually excited about labour and birth

“Right from the first time of meeting Sally (even if it was via zoom) I felt completely at ease and knew she was the right person to help us prepare for the birth of our baby.

We really looked forward to every session, not just to learn, but also share and get involved in our own preparation journey. I love that the exercises to try at home helped us tackle birth prep as a team rather than something that was just on me! As well as giving us practical things to do. As first-time parents Sally gave us all the tools and more to bring us closer during pregnancy and feel fully prepared for birth.

By the end of the course, I was actually excited about labour and birth! I truly felt in control and empowered moving into the later stages of pregnancy (something I hadn’t felt earlier on). When my waters broke at 34 weeks (mid-pandemic), we knew our birth wasn’t going to follow our preferences, or necessarily be straight forwards. But everything we had done on the course could not have prepared us any better for the unexpected turns. Without Sally’s help our experience would have been so different. I feel like we had a full toolkit of techniques we could dip into at any turn. I had the confidence to question and ask questions even midst of surges.

This has truly been invaluable not just during labour but also post birth and tackling challenges that have come with our early arrival. I cannot recommend Sally enough or fully express how grateful I am for all her guidance.”

Darcie, Oxfordshire

An incredible and positive birth experience

“Looking back at our birth experience I don’t think anything could have prepared us for the unexpected twists and turns that faced my wife and me. The skills and techniques we learnt with Sally meant that we had an incredible and positive birth experience from events which could have otherwise been traumatic. We were exceptionally fortunate to have Sally’s expertise and encouragement to help us in our journey into parenthood and I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Phil, Oxfordshire

We both felt empowered and confident

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful hypnobirthing course…
Our baby boy arrived on the 9th of April in the delivery suite at the JR after a 12hr labour, weighing 9lb. I used all the breathing techniques, and the help of my TENS machine to get me through the final delivery. Although anxious following our first birth experience, we felt much better prepared this time, and felt that the experience was much more positive.

We both felt empowered and confident to ask questions regarding progress and intervention options. The most useful things I found from the course were

  • – Open/release breathing and visualising the uterus balloon!
  • – Discussions with Sam about how he might help in labour/hospital, and plans for post-natal period.
  • – Affirmation cards round the house, and mp3
  • – My husband had made videos with our daughter to play me in hospital
  • – My husband was more confident to help and encourage in delivery suite

Thanks so much again, we feel grateful to have taken part in your excellent course, and benefitted hugely from your personal support and encouragement!”

Sarah, Oxfordshire

I learned a lot that I was able to apply during and after the labour

“My Wife and I wanted to learn more about hypnobirthing in preparation for the arrival of our second child and found that Sally was a great fit in terms of her experience and style. Sally was extremely knowledgeable and delivered the course well despite us having to attend virtually due to COVID restrictions. What I found most impressive was that Sally was still able to engage so well over an online course and create an atmosphere where we felt comfortable to share our concerns and fears. Sally is relatable and could really empathise with our situation but was also able to get us in the right mindset to prepare us for any eventuality – and importantly allow us to have the most positive birth experience possible.

Sally helped to ensure we built a good relationship with others attending the course, creating a relaxed atmosphere where we were encouraged to share our thoughts and emphasise the importance of both mother and birth partner throughout the birth. I felt there were a number of tangible takeaways from the course that I was able to apply during and after the labour which really helped to give us the positive birthing experience we were hoping for. I would recommend this course as it encouraged us to have conversations about what we wanted, our fears, and how we could approach the second birth in a different way with new techniques to guide us through – I certainly felt much more prepared having completed Sally’s hypnobirthing course.”

Tom, Berkshire