Pregnancy massage

A special and relaxing treatment for mothers to be. Time for you to bond with your baby and deeply relax whist your body is nourished and soothed.
Pregnancy can be physically demanding on your soft tissues as your body grows and changes to accommodate your growing baby. Having a pregnancy massage will ease your muscles to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The benefits of pregnancy massage are –

  • • Relaxation and improved sleep (big tick!)
  • • Relieve muscle tension and posture strains
  • • Improve circulation and reduce swelling and cramps

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Post natal massage

A nurturing and healing massage for new mothers. Time for you to take a moment and ‘Nourish yourself so that you can nourish others.’
Birth, birth recovery, feeding a baby however you feed them and lifting and carrying a baby can be physically demanding on your body.

The benefits of postnatal massage are –

  • • Relaxation and calmness
  • • Relieve muscle tension and posture strains
  • • Promote healing

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Women’s wellness massage

A massage to relax and relieve the load. At Bump, Birth, Body I see the day-to-day physical demand life has on the women I train whatever stage in life you are at. We all deserve to look after selves properly and practice some self-care.

The benefits of a women’s wellness massage are –

  • • Relaxation and/or energising
  • • Relieve muscle tension and discomfort
  • • Improved soft tissue health, posture and body imbalances
  • • Boost your immune system
  • • Calming of the central nervous system
  • • Relieve symptoms of pregnancy and menopause

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The course really helped us prepare for all possibilities and gave both myself and my birth partner the tools and techniques to experience a calm and positive birth.

Rose, Berkshire