Women’s Personal Training

Through 1-2-1 sessions I offer women at any stage in their life support and a structured training programme bespoke to their needs to safely exercise and train.

Whether it’s specific guidance you need, motivation or just some fresh ideas to keep you on track and enjoying your exercise and training, I can help you!

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Preconception & Prenatal Personal Training

Whether you are preparing your body for a pregnancy or pregnant already this can be a physically and emotionally challenging time in a woman’s life.

It is important that you look after and nurture yourself in all ways including the right exercise to support your journey. I can help by informing and guiding you through exercising safely and confidently to best support your bodies growing needs.

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Post-natal Personal Training

Growing and birthing a baby is physically demanding however your pregnancy and birth journey unfolds. Getting the correct exercise guidance post birth can be the difference between looking after your body and pushing it too much, too soon.

There are no short cuts, I believe in building the correct foundations can help you through every stage.

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The course really helped us prepare for all possibilities and gave both myself and my birth partner the tools and techniques to experience a calm and positive birth.

Rose, Berkshire